For those who believe in the power of speaking, in the magnetism of images, in the power of ideas.

FREE from all conditioning and in search of unexpected FREEDOM of thought.

In collaboration with the Ghent International Participatory Video Festival (PVF#) in Belgium, the International PV FESTIVAL, the first International Participatory Video Festival in Italy, was held in Monza.

The free four-days event introduced people to the potential of the Participatory Video (PV), a well known methodology in Europe and now increasingly appreciated in Italy, that allows a group of non-professionals to design and make their own film on a specific topic that is important for their community.

Conferences, workshops and screenings have allowed educators, trainers, facilitators, teachers and students to confront each other and learn its most innovative and recent techniques. It is therefore an opportunity to see the world of cinema in Italy and abroad in different unique contexts and through with different subjects, as well as an opportunity to confront each other and analyse.



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in the suggestion of images and in the power of ideas?
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A group of professionals from the world of entertainment and communication
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